Green Tea - Organic & Fair Trade

This green tea offers a refreshing infusion that is appreciated at any time of the day, especially after meals
24,95 ₾

Darjeeling Black Tea - Organic & Fair Trade

Its amber color, with floral perfume and very soft notes, is enriched with special flavors of each season. PGI: Protected Geographical Indication
24,95 ₾

Herbal Tea Verbena - Organic

A delicate infusion with refreshing notes
22,15 ₾

Herbal Tea Camomile - Organic

This infusion of delicate flavor and floral sweetness offers a beautiful persistence on the palate
22,15 ₾

Biotea - Red Berries fruit tea Box of 25 tea bags

A golden, shiny drink, with long-lasting flavour, revealing perfectly balanced aromas of strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and red berries. Thé vert* 94%. Arômes naturels : fraise*2%, fruits des bois* 2%, framboise* 1%, cassis* 1%.
46,25 ₾

Biotea - Spices tea

A splendid amber brew with orange tones, naturally sweet thanks to its pleasant citric fruit flavour and spicy touches, with cinnamon leading the pack. Ingredients: Black tea 96%, Natural flavours: sweet orange 1,5%, apple 1,5%, blood orange 0,5%, cinnamon 0,5%.
42,15 ₾