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Coffee Pods

La Tierra - Organic & Fair Trade

An exceptional organic and fair trade coffee, slow roasted old fashioned, with a deep, fine flavor and pleasantly aromatized
31,75 ₾

Grande Reserve

oluptuous and elegant coffee, a complex pairing of various arabica with a fine, aromatic and fruity flavor
28,70 ₾

Deca Aqua - Organic & Fair Trade

A gourmet decaffeinated coffee that offers the best coffee aromas, without caffeine and without solvents
33,55 ₾

Italian Style

The elegant aromas of this rich and upscale coffee invite you to a pure moment of dolce vita
28,70 ₾

Petits Producteurs CE

All the complexity of the aromas of the best vintages in the world in a balanced and aromatic coffee with a slightly acidic dominant flavor
34,50 ₾

Grande Reserve Large Cup

A grind specially adapted for breakfast and long coffees. A coffee for a large cup that combines sweetness with a remarkable finesse
28,70 ₾

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