Guatemala - Organic

This high quality coffee aims for a beautiful aromatic and gustatory balance. It is served with lactose and douche desserts CAFÉ MOULU GUATEMALA This coffee produced by the Indian Mayan communities and the ixil of the Alpiplano region, which lived at an altitude of 2000 m in the habitats dating to the epoch of the conquistadors, is cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides. Coffee plantations are mainly ombre, based on relatively performing techniques. They grow very small, the cafes are regularly renovated. The yields are generally very high. The loading of the products ensures very well the post-coffee transformation (depulping, fermentation, drying of the coffee grounds).
35,70 ₾


A pleasant coffee, light, sweet, full-bodied and well balanced, with little persistence on the palate
31,45 ₾


LA GRANDE RÉSERVE COFFEE BEANS This combination of the greatest Arabicas combines power and richness, smoothness and liveliness in a sumptuous sense of harmony.
30,65 ₾

Brasil Sul de Minas

The best in Brazil. An arabica with an intense aroma and a mild flavor that lingers in the mouth BRASIL SUL DE MINAS GROUND COFFEE Brazil, the world's leading coffee producer, has a wide variety of flavors from different origins. Connoisseurs consider that "Sul de Minas" is the best. Its aroma is intense. It is smooth, unctuous and persistent on the palate. Perfectly accompanies desserts made mainly based on chocolate (profiteroles, sweets, fondants, opera cakes, etc.). Coffee arrived in Brazil in the 18th century and this country became the first producer in the 1840s. Its peak was in the 1920s, when the country exported 80% of the world's coffee.
55,95 ₾

Colombia IGP

A smooth coffee, with a fine, aromatic and fruity flavor and a light body. PGI: Protected Geographical Indication COLOMBIA IGP GROUND COFFEE This coffee is grown in small plantations at 1200 m above sea level in the highlands of Colombia. To accompany him? Fine tarts of red fruits or based on compote of yellow fruits, ice cream and raspberry coulis. Colombia, like all the production areas of the equatorial line, has two harvests a year: the large one, from October to February, and the small one, in May and June. This specificity allows it to export its production throughout the year.
55,95 ₾


Great delicacy with a tangy flavor in this top quality arabica. The best arabica in Africa PURE KENIA GROUND COFFEE In the large plantations of the plains of Mount Kenya, west of Nairobi, this coffee is grown, considered a benchmark by experts in the best varieties of Arabica. The process known as "Kenyan laundering" or "double laundering" has become a hallmark of national identity. The country has thus earned itself one of the most prestigious places in the world for specialty coffees
72,45 ₾

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