Picture for category Bio Tea  - 25 sachets

Bio Tea - 25 sachets

Biotea - Rooibos

This energetic, sun-filled, theine-free drink from the confines of South Africa bewitches us like a ritual dance. Rooibos is eaten hot or frozen throughout the day
39,20 ₾

Biotea - Vanilla tea

Sophisticated perfume enhanced with vanilla combined with a superior quality black tea
41,35 ₾

Biotea - Gunpowder tea

Digestive and velvety tea with golden liqueur and fresh perfume. Naturally sweet, it is drunk throughout the day
40,60 ₾

Biotea - Mint tea

This tasty blend of delicate green tea and mint is ideal to share a pleasant moment
39,20 ₾

Biotea - Verbena herbal tea

A delicate infusion, with refreshing and perfumed notes. The plants are harvested just before flowering. Since ancient times, miraculous virtues have been attributed to verbena
48,85 ₾

Biotea - Tilleul

The linden, selected for the abundance and quality of its flowers, can live for several centuries. An infusion with a subtle perfume, pleasant on the palate, with a slight astringency. Excellent as a night tisane!
50,15 ₾